Tops and Blouses

1920’s Tops and Blouses Photographs

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Gas station service attendants, wearing a middy top.

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1920’s Tops and Blouses

The combination of tops and bottoms had been quite popular for a few decades before the 1920’s. They provide an easier an economical option for day wear, or any occasion that doesn’t necessarily¬†requires¬†wearing a dress. Many styles became fashionable and women could also mix and match their separates creating new outfits.

Basic designs, fabrics and styles:

The 1920’s blouse followed the general design of the decade – loose fit, dropped waist look.

At the beginning of the decade, beautiful lightweight and delicate fabrics like silk, rayon (alternative to silk) and crepe-de-chine were adorned with amazing romantic embroidery. Decorations often had folk art inspired designs and peasant tops inspired by the Puerto Rican traditional dress were also very popular.

plain tops

Mostly had long sleeves with cuffs at the wrists, but they also had 3/4 sleeves, bell shaped or short sleeves. The buttons would come down to the front or the back depending on the style. Loose fit tops would only have a single button at the back of the neck.
The most popular designs would feature a low-cut V neck, rounded large peter pan collar or over sized pointed collar.

Art deco blouses

Art Deco started spreading its influence through fashion and by the mid-twenties – following the trends set on dresses, interesting new prints changed the style of blouses from plain to colourful and embroidery showed designs inspired by geometry, Egyptian art and the far east.

Middy top

Another important item from this decade is the well known “middy” top. Even though its creation happened decades before, by the 1920’s they crossed their way into fashion and started being worn in different styles for all ages. The fabric was typically cotton or wool flannel but more fashionable details, (like the typical 1920’s band around the waist) were added for a more feminine look.

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