Hello everyone and welcome to my new born blog – “Fascination Street” (yeah, I do love The Cure!).

I invite all fashion history lovers to join me and share all about vintage garments and style!

Please note I am not a fashion historian (I wish!), this is a work in progress and every day I learn something new. However, all content provided will be as much accurate as possible so it could also be used as an online resource. Here you will find a mix of images, words and notes taken while studying fashion history, books and personal online fashion history research.

I will be posting not only the fashions of each decade but also its social /historic context, fashion icons, designers, music, film, etc.

You’re more than welcome to comment, share your opinion and if you have any suggestions/questions don’t hesitate to contact me via fascinationstreet.vintage@gmail.com!

Thank you!! xx