A smart observer of the passing scene typed these words about the social revolution that he had been witnessing for the past six years:

“Some time ago in these pages I expressed the opinion that, so far from it being likely that the future we would see all women wearing trousers, it was much more probable that it would see all men wearing skirts…It is not many years since hockey-skirts reaching below the knees, with voluminous and ugly bloomers as a second line of defense, were regarded as a little risky…I say again that [today’s fashion] is a phenomenon which the social historian appears to be passing over. We do not realize that a tradition of centuries has within a decade been stood its head…”

“The Revolution in Dress” by Edward Shanks – 29th of August 1925, The Saturday Review

How funny and interesting it is to read this today?

The Revolution in dress article 1925