The old “S” silhouette from the end of the 19th century was replaced by a more sophisticated and daring style. The hair got shorter, the line became more simplified and curves were hidden.

Women intended to stand out showing off their slim and young figure through the use of the shortest skirts possible (although they never revealed the knee), lower V shape necklines and dropped waists.

Flappers were the definition of the modern women of the 20th century.

flapper girl images


Chemise / Slip Dress:

  • shapeless and loose fit shift dress
  • low waist and straight line to enable active dancing
  • more feminine fabrics weighed down with elegant bead work and/or pleats. Silk was the favoured fabric in chiffon, velvet and taffeta . For the working class girl – the new fabric Rayon – an artificial silk, was the alternative.
  • shorter hemlines than before but never revealing the knee
  • thin straps or sleeveless to create a revealing look.
flapper dress images
Amazing original 1920’s dresses found on https://www.vintagetextile.com/1920s_to_1930s.htm

Hair, make-up:

  • short sleek hair – Bob cut, Eton crop and Shingle bob
  • red lips
  • heavily rouged cheeks
  • dark eyes, especially Kohl-rimmed, were the style
  • flappers were also rumoured to rouge their knees, and this is a part of the greater emphasis on legs crucial to the flapper persona

flapper hair images

Accessories and Shoes:

Accessories were a key part of the 1920’s look. The accessories were extravagant, big and opulent.

  • beaded bags and embellished head bands with designs taken from Art Deco and Egyptian style
  • pearls made famous by Coco Chanel
  • any accessories that flaunted outrageous behaviour, like the jewelled cigarette holder and ornate compact, were also popular
  • cloche hat
  • jewellery usually consisted of art deco pieces, especially many layers of beaded necklaces. Pins, rings, and brooches came into style
  • horn-rimmed glasses were also popular
  • evening shoes worn with daywear – cuban style and mary jane style
flapper acc shoesimages
All true vintage accessories found on https://www.vintagetextile.com/gallery_1920s.htm

And that’s it for today! My next series of posts will be showing the key features of the 1920’s women’s wardrobe (tops, bottoms, outerwear, etc).

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